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Mary spent the first six years of her life in Colorado where she was born, before moving to Texas with her family and then on to Salem Indiana for a short stay at an Amish children's home. Near the close of her eighth year, she, along with her two older brothers were placed into a New Order Amish home in Guthrie, Kentucky. She spent the rest of her growing up years there, before moving to the Blueridge Mountains of Western North Carolina at the age of twenty-two. Mary currently still resides in North Carolina with her husband of eleven years.

I am a ‘researcher by nature’ who possesses within a passion for study. For me, organizing these studies, is therapeutic. I hope the content here, can be a blessing to others as they read.

In Her Own Words:

I am a committed Christian, born again in my teenage years, and on a journey of growth ever since.

My interest in Biblical studies began in late 2018 and since then, I have extensively used Google as a primary source for information, in addition to my Bible and commentary.

While I have gained valuable insights from other study bloggers, I have often felt frustrated by the lack of quick and easy access to the sources they use to make their arguments. I understand that tracing sources requires significant time, effort, and work, and that the sources themselves may end up altering the message of Theology we are trying to convey (something that none of us get excited about).

This is where I believe Reach for The Bible stands apart from other bloggers. My aim is to provide easy and accessible scripture references, along with additional resources and commentary, without interrupting the flow of the study.

Although I do not have a professional background in theology or hold any advanced degrees, I am passionate about studying, learning, and researching in my spare time. My method of study usually contains less of a teaching style and more of just a simple presentation of facts as I understand them, leaving it open for all of us to build upon and extract further inspiration from this ongoing journey of growth and learning.

About the Blog

Every study article can be found on the Articles page. Every article additionally has words that are hyperlinked. the scripture reference hyperlinks will take you directly to the passage mentioned. (The website's popup scripture reference translation is set for the New King James Version - where another translation is needed and used to make a specific point, I will specify.)

Other words that are hyperlinked will either take you to an outside reference source or to my Resources page. These links are there to enhance your study experience. For interesting and informative study commentary without reading the articles just go directly to my Resources page and browse the content there. Each resource additionally has the study article of its mention hyperlinked. 

Any 'grayed-out' font indicates a direct quote or citation from other authors. If you require more information on the sources of specific claims made or studies posted on this site, please do not hesitate to contact me. This can be easily done through the contact form on the website.


I am currently exploring the most cost-effective method to provide audio readings for our more extensive study material posted on this site. Since professional narration can be expensive, at present, I am utilizing computerized readings as the solution. Although not ideal, this tool serves as an aid for those, such as me, who prefer listening over reading.

Comment Section

All public comments or questions relating to the blog or material found here are welcome as long as they are respectful. Think of this site as my personal study journal that I am allowing you to read, and your comment as if you were leaning over my shoulder and writing in the margin. Comments can often add extra information or offer additional discussion. I welcome challenges, encouragement, or any info, you may be able to share for the benefit of all of our learning.


To Elliott - My husband - my 'Rock' - who has stood with me unwaveringly for over eleven years so far. May we be 'full of years' together, as described of Abraham's life in Genesis 25:8.

I often say: no one gets anywhere in this life alone. If our mortal bodies are still living and breathing, we have someone, somewhere to thank for it. I'm not sure this page would be able to hold everyone who has impacted my journey in some positive way (great or small), but I owe ultimate gratitude to my Lord who has navigated me through many treacherous "seas" and always brought the right people into my life at the right time to get me through the storm.

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